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                                                 Vallette, Malta    

 Malta is a small and densely-populated island nation comprising an archipelago of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea. A country of Southern Europe, Malta lies south of Sicily, east of Tunisia  and north of Libya. The country's official languages are Maltese and English.

Vallette is the capital city. The official name the Order of Saint John gave to the city was Humilissima Civitas Valletta ? The Most Humble City of Valletta.The city has a population of 6,315 (official estimate for 2005). It is located in the central-eastern portion of the island of Malta.







La cathédrale des Chevaliers de l'Hôpital Saint Jean de Jérusalem.

Rabat is a village just outside Mdina. It is home to the famous Catacombs of St. Paul and of St. Agatha. These catacombs were used in Roman times to bury the dead as, according to Roman culture, it was unclean to bury the dead in the city.

They are now looked after by Heritage Malta.




Dingli is a village on the west coast of Malta, with a population of 3,326 persons (Nov 2005), 13 kilometers from the capital Valletta and two kilometers from the nearest city, Rabat. The village lies on a plateau some 250 metres above sea level, which is the highest point of Malta. The area provides not only open sea views over the tiny, uninhabited isle of Filfla, but also an excellent vantage point over Malta.



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