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The German occupation

Occupied Guernsey

We were told that the regular military personal treated the islanders with respect. For them, this conquered land was "paradise" compared to fighting in the Eastern Front. (except in the later months of the war when there was food shortages)

The Islanders had a different opinion of the Gestapo and the the Special unit in charge of the forced labor. (mainly from Poland).

See their "tools of the trade"  (and their unit insignia) in the picture on the left, that included a whip and truncheon.

The forced labor had been used to build the massive fortifications...that were never needed. Hitler was certain that Britain would try take back the Canal Islands. Of course, Britain never tried.

La Valette Underground Military Museum represents but one of Guernsey’s 41 tunnel sites started during the German Occupation from 1940 - 1945.

      This legacy from the second world war is typical of the engineering achievements to be left on British soil by the Germans. 

     This particular tunnel, designated as a Hohlgang, was conceived and built to be a fuel store for the eventual re-fueling of U-boats. The idea of having this fuel ‘farm’ underground was to protect it from aerial bombardment as the Germans had experienced some problems with the RAF bombing fuel tanks adjacent to Castle Cornet. The U-Boats, were to have been re-fueled in the bay behind the Aquarium tunnel (which is nearby) and fuel pumped through to the vessels mooring. 

   The tunnel complex was never completed due to time running out for the Germans as supplies from France were cut off shortly after D-Day on 6th June 1944.

    However, the Germans were known to have been engaged in trying to complete the installation up to February of 1945 with what materials they had on the island.


Here's a video of our visit to both the  La Valette-Underground military and German occupation museums.

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