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                                     Norwegian Fjords                            

The fjords were formed by the action of the glaciers during the last Ice Ages.

I was ¨taken¨ by them. The air is so fresh, the views are fabulous... so majestic.... peaceful...I simply adored this area of the world.


The Seven Sisters  is a  waterfall consisting of seven separate streams in Geirangerfjords. The tallest one has a free fall that measures 250 meters.The legend of the seven sisters is that they dance playfully down the mountain, while the courtier (a single waterfall opposite of the seven sisters) flirts playfully from across the fjord.





The serpentine road winding its way up the mountain.  

Here's the road known as the Nibbevej (normally open June 1 to October 1; toll) branches off and climbs 5km, with gradients of up to 12.5% and 10 hairpin bends, to the summit of the Dalsnibba (1,495m/4,905ft), from which there are superb views of the mountains and the Geirangerfjord far below. The air was so fresh.


A troll  is a member of a race of fearsome creatures from Norse mythology.

Originally more or less the Nordic equivalents of giants, although often smaller in size, the different depictions have come to range from the fiendish giants. Nordic literature, art and music from the romantic era and onwards has adapted trolls in various manners – often in the form of an aboriginal race, endowed with oversized ears and noses. 














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