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                                          Hawaii, USA                                             

There was resistance to making Hawaii a state. Some claim it was racial issue. When someone proposed adding the all-white Alaska (Forget about those Eskimos...) at the same time, opposition to Hawaii getting statehood withered into the wind.  

We cruised to all the islands. We did not stop in Molokai, where a leper colony resides.  



It was a lot of fun walking on the craters...towards the black sand near the Ocean. Actually, the island is growing with every eruption... and getting closer to the Mainland. Kinda like walking on a moonscape...Not that I've ever been to the Moon.


 The Volcano's crater... Up close


The turret from one of the battleships that was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbour still leaks oil to this day!

   Memorial to the sunken USS Nevada


Nevada Battleship 1914   21.0 knots
1,500 1 torpedo hit; 6 bomb hits; beached on Hospital Point


 Memorial to the USS Arizona

Arizona Battleship 1915  21.0   knots

1 torpedo hit,  0805 hours; 8 bomb hits, 0810 hours; half sunk





The Statendam in the background.   

The Huliheʻe Palace is located in historic Kailua-Kona on Aliʻi Drive. It being the former vacation home of Hawaiian royalty, it is now a museum run by the Daughters of Hawaiʻi, showcasing furniture and artifacts. Hulihe‘e means “Turn flee.”

The palace was originally build by John Adams Kuakini, Governor of Hawaii out of lava rock. He died and left it to his hanai (adopted) son William Pitt Leleiohoku I, the son of Prime Minister William Pitt Kalanimoku. Leleiohoku died in the measle epidemic of 1848 and left it to his son John William Pitt Kinau but he died young and the palace went to his mother Princess Ruth Keelikolani.              


 Photo taken during our submarine ride.  

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