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                               Cobh, Ireland

Cobh (pronounced "cove") is a sheltered seaport town on the south coast of Ireland.The locality, which had had several different Irish-language names, was first referred to as Cove ("The Cove of Cork") in 1750. It was renamed Queenstown in 1849 to commemorate a visit by Queen Victoria and so remained until the name Cobh (closer to the Irish spelling) was restored in 1922 with the foundation of the Irish Free State.

The Princess cruise ship in the foreground.  

 Judy with her lugguage... Find her a porter, please!

 A row of houses. Just though it was an interesting picture.             


One of the major transatlantic Irish ports, Cobh was the departure point for 2.5 million of the six million Irish people who emigrated to North America between 1848 and 1950. On 11 April 1912 Queenstown was the final port of call for the RMS Titanic  as she set out across the Atlantic on her ill-fated maiden voyage.  

The White Steam Lines building. Passengers would board the tender at the back of the building to bring them to the Titanic which was anchored near the mouth of Cobh harbour.            

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