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Carlsbad, La Jolla, Old town San Diego and Seaport village, California

Carlsbad is a seaside resort-town in the North County section of San Diego CountyThe city's history begins with the Luiseño people who located one of their villages, Palamai, near what is today Agua Hedionda Lagoon. Modern-day Carlsbad came about when in the 1880s a former sea captain named John Frazier dug a well for water. He began offering his water at the train station and soon the whistle-stop became known as Frazier's Station.

Shopping (and smiling) at our favorite outlet mall in Carlsbad, California.  



Children's Pool Beach, or the Casa, or Casa beach, is a small sandy beach located in La Jolla. In 1999, the National Marine Fisheries Service recognized the Children's Pool as a natural harbor seal haulout and rookery site.


Seaport Village, San Diego 


Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is a state protected historical park in San Diego. The park preserves and recreates the old town of the city, from shortly after the Mexican War of Independence during its pueblo Alta California period beginning in 1821, through the Bear Flag Revolt, the American period, and ending in 1872, 22 years after statehood.

Five original adobes are part of the complex, which includes shops, restaurants and a museum. Other historic buildings include a schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, San Diego's first newspaper office, and a stable with a carriage collection. (see below) Plaza del Pasado, a four-acre plaza that sits inside the park features shops, an activity center for students and school groups, and local artisans demonstrating their craft.

Carlsbad- January 2020

                           Wild Animal Park

The San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park is a zoo in the San Pasqual Valley area of San Diego. The Park houses a large array of wild and endangered animals including species from the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Australia. The park is in a semi-arid environment and one of its most notable features is the Journey into Africa tram which explores the expansive African exhibits. These free-range enclosures house such animals as cheetahs, antelopes, lions, giraffes, okapis, elephants, zebras, Przewalski's horses, rhinos, and bonobos.



January 2020

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