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                               Bruges, Belgium

With the city center closed off to cars, all the stunning beauty and culture of this unforgettable city can be easily explored on foot, byboat ride along quiet canals, or by horse-drawn carriage among cobblestone streets. Although Bruges is a small city it will take more than one day to explore all the architectural and artistic treasures, folklore, chocolate shops and lace boutiques.

The historic center of the city is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites . 









Some beautiful buildings in the town center.   


                               Basilica of the Holy Blood                              

H.-Bloedbasiliek: Double chapel. On ground level : St. Basil's Chapel (1139-1149) in roman style. The first floor chapel, converted into Gothic style in the 15th century, contains a.o. the famous Relic of the Holy Blood brought back by the Crusaders.

I actually touched   the glass container. 

 Where you walk up to touch the glass container.

 You can take a canal tour. See Bruges from a different angle. 




New pictures from our visit to Bruges in October 2019

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