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Bermuda is the oldest and most populous remaining British overseas territory, settled by England a century before the Acts of Union created the Kingdom of Great Britain. Bermuda's first capital, St-George's, was settled in 1612 and is the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the Americas.


The Maritime Museum in the foreground. It occupies the Keep of the Royal Naval Dockyard, including the Commissioner's House, and exhibits artifacts of the base's military history. I visited the Keep and had a great time. I took a bunch of pictures, but for some reason I deleted them. Oh well! For another trip.   

A significant segment of the population is also of Portuguese ancestry (10%), the result of immigration from Portuguese-held islands (especially the Azores) during the past 160 years. Bermuda had been used as a mid-way point to the Americas. 

Elbow Beach

The sand of the beach is very fine and displays a pink tint.


Our ship is the one the left. In front of us was a NCL ship. Our ferry (Hamilton to the Royal Naval Dockyard) was letting the
HAL ship pass us on a glorious, sunny day


Photo taken of Judy (my picture comes next) at the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo. (on the banks of Harrington Sound) 

                        Harrington Sound


Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave is the most famous of Bermuda's many subterranean caverns. A tourist attraction since 1907, it was discovered in 1905 by Carl Gibbons and Edgar Hollis, two 12 year-old boys searching for a lost cricket ball. Soon after, the Wilkinson family (the owners of the property since 1884) learned of the discovery, Mr. Percy Wilkinson lowered his 14 year-old son Bernard into it with a bicycle lamp on 140 feet of strong rope tied to a tree to explore the cave. This was a fascinating trip into the belly of the earth...well, maybe not the belly, but...huh...the throat!

Bermuda Aquarium Musem and Zoo 

A Shark and more fish...  

                                       Tree Kangaroo

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