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Bath, Somerset

Updated 10-2018

Bath is a city in Somerset in the southwest of England. It is situated 99 miles (159 km) west of London and 13 miles (21 km) south-east of Bristol.

Google Earth view of Bath Cathedral and the famous Roman Baths. 









The hot water that have been flowing into the baths for centuries...The Roman Baths and Temple complex entirely surrounds the largest of the three hot springs at Bath. 

In Roman times these sources of hot water were something for which there was no natural explanation, so they were considered to be the work of the Gods. This sacred aspect added to their perceived curative powers and Bath was one of several sites in the Roman Empire where natural hot springs became a focus for pilgrimage and curative bathing.The religious association of the springs continued into medieval times when the King?s Spring remained under the control of the religious authorities until the 16th century. Bath spa water rises at 46 Celcius, the temperature of a hot bath, and contains 43 minerals. It was quite fascinating visiting this place.

 Bath Abbey





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