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Our 2011 cruise left from Vancouver. The cruise terminal is a beauty. the best we have seen so far in our travels. 

Our 2012 cruise left from Seattle.




Hubbard Glacier is a tidewater glacier. From its source in the Yukon, the glacier stretches 122 km (76 mi) to the sea at Yakutat Bay. Named in 1890 after Gardiner G. Hubbard (regent of the Smithsonian Institution and first president of the National Geographic Society), it is the longest tidewater glacier in Alaska, with an open calving face over ten kilometers (6 mi) wide. 







We toured an old salmon canning plant. They had all the equipment used in the operation. It was quite fascinating.

           The Dolphin dance (Vancouver)

Juneau 2011- Tram to the top


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