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A brief history:

  • 1492 - Ajaccio was founded.
  • 1553 - The French took the town and built the stronghold.
  • 1559 - As a consequence of the Cateau Cambresis Treaty, the King of France had to give Corsica back to Genoa.
  • 1575. The Ligurian Republic conceded a coat of arms to Ajaccio representing : «a silver column topped by the shield of Genoa Republic and with a silver dog on each side ». Below was written :  «Such are the inhabitants of Ajaccio with regard to the Republic of Genoa».
  • 1656 - When the Black Death raged, Ajaccio was taken under the protection of the miraculous Virgin of Savona, who became the patron saint of the town. A celebration in her honour takes place each year on the 18th of March.
  • 1729. During the Forty Years War, Pascal Paoli gave democratic institutions to Corsica.
  • 1739 - Lucas d’Ornano unsuccessfully tried to take Ajaccio.
  • 1763 - In his turn Pascal Paoli tried to take the town, but his heroic attempt was a failure because of Masseria’s impertinence.
  • 1768. The French took possession of Corsica and since then the island destiny has been that of France.
  • 1769 - Napoleon was born in Ajaccio.  






Napoleon Bonaparte, (15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821) later known as Napoleon I, was a French military and political leader who had a significant impact on the history of Europe. He was a general during the French Revolution, the ruler of France as First Consul of the French Republic and Emperor of the First French Empire.

His lofty aspirations of ridding Monarchs from the European landscape was spoiled when he proclaimed himself Emperor, thus embracing the power he had sought to destroy. (Not to mention appointing his brother King of Italy...So it goesEven Beethoven, who had dedicated a concerto and the Eroica Symphony to Napoleon, took that away.)

Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte

Interesting fact: If he would have been born a year earlier, Napoleon would have been Italian. (Italy had control over Corsica up until 1768)

Ajaccio, November 2007






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