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                    San Diego, November 1999

A "fight to the finish" between the forces of good and evil... 

The guy that doesn't look like me is my brother Bruno, who happens to live out there. I've lost a few pounds since then...

The location: Somewhere between Carlsbad and La Jolia, California.



 Marine World

       That's me in all my glory at Pte. Loma, San Diego, California.


Point Loma is a seaside neighborhood of San Diego, California. Geographically it is a hilly peninsula that is bordered on the west and south by the Pacific Ocean, the east by the San Diego Bay and Old Town and the north by the San Diego River. Along with North Island and the Silver Strand, Point Loma separates the San Diego Bay from the Pacific Ocean.

View of the Pacific coast from Torrey Pines, California. (just north of San Diego, on Highway 5)

               The Haineault Clan at play in the San Diego Zoo.

What more can be said? :-) Gisele, Chantale, Judy, Michel and Mom...My brother, Bruno, is behind his digital camera clicking this pic. Notice the security guard to the left of the clan...She's not sure what to make of us. This is pre-terrorist days, of course.

                               Tai Chi vs Karate

My brother Bruno and his wife, Gisele, settling a dispute... The Pacific ocean is the backdrop. Just north of San Diego. Gisele actually does Tai Chi at a high level...Whereas, my brother...Well... He watched a few Bruce Lee movies. She's about to kick him in the...herr...groin.

Judy and me, once again at Pte. Loma.  Took my hat off for this one...


                   Trio in a mist---> San Diego Zoo

Judy, Gisele and yours truly.   Check out my shades!

                Carlsbad Inn, Carlsbad, California

This is our favorite Inn in our favorite area in San Diego County.



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