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           Las Cañadas del Teide, Canary Islands

From this point on, the road starts to rise slowly through green countryside which then changes to a pine-wood for almost all the way. The tree tops of the Canary pines have a lot of foliage in La Esperanza where it is possible to take strolls along tracks and paths.
Going on towards Las Cañadas, impressive views are seen on both sides of the road. The best scenery of Valle de la Orotava and the Teide can be enjoyed here. The Teide is the highest peak in Europe.
Going above 2,000 metres the pine trees disappear and the landscape becomes volcanic with colours of ochre, yellow, black and green.
Eventually one enters the National Park making a stop at the visitors centre El Portillo.

I enjoyed a great 4 hour hike in the volcanic landscape. Here are a few pics taken along the way.  It felt like you were on another planet. It was one of the highlights of my December transatlantic cruise.

 Google Earth view of Mount Tiede


There's me, hiking...

Former care facility for Lepors.

View of Mount Tiede from the volcanic valley  

More rocks...

There is much colour in them rocks...


View from the bus as we made our way up the winding roads towards Mount Tiede

More Santa Cruz from our ship..

After leaving this port it was six days later until until we saw land again...Miami, Florida.

 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain


Santa Cruz skyline... OKAY, what do you expect from a city built on a volcano?



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